2019 Kona EV Sales Brochure

Specs and Info

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Smarter Technology puts you in the lead

Exceptional style is our standard, with a vibrant range of external colours and varied
interiors giving you aesthetic control. The unique closed-off front grille, aerodynamic 17”
alloy wheels and the distinct frame add flair to every design, whilst under the hood cutting edge lithium-ion batteries give you peak performance. Both available battery sizes (39 and
64kWh) are liquid-cooled and reliably charge to 80% capacity within 57 and 75 minutes
(using a 50kWh rapid charger), giving you a range of up to 194 and 300 miles respectively.

Take back control with innovative interiors

The KONA Electric’s spacious interiors are as comfortable as they are
modern. The dashboard boasts an intuitive 7” digital cluster display making
critical information readable at a glance, whilst the centre-mounted
8” touchscreen gives quick access to car functions including navigation.
You can also shift gear into Drive, Neutral and Reverse with a single button
press on the central column. What’s more, regenerative braking controls on
the steering column let you balance acceleration and efficiency by shifting
power to the wheels or battery as needed.


Specifications shown in this brochure are based upon
the latest available information at the time of printing.
The colours and finishes reproduced in this brochure
are subject to the limitations of the printing process and
may vary from the actual colour and paint finish.
In line with our policy of continual product improvement
Hyundai Motor UK Ltd reserves the right to make
changes at any time, without notice, to prices, colours,
material, design, shape, specifications and models,
and to discontinue items. For the latest details, please
consult your Hyundai dealer.

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