2019 BMW 330e iPerformance Specifications

Specs and Info

Compared to the current 2018 model of the plug-in vehicle, the new 330e has a 30% longer electric range, as well as an XtraBoost feature that provides short bursts of extra power when needed.

Capable of covering approximately 60 kilometers on electricity, the CO2 emissions are also lower than the purely gasoline powered vehicle during city driving – BMW says it produces 39 grams of XCO2 emissions per kilometer.

Fuel consumption is around 1.7l/100 kms – 138.3 mpg.

Power is supplied by a 2.0 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine, with an electric motor mated inbetween it and the transmission. Total power is 248 hp, and bumps up to 288 hp during XtraBoost mode. 0-60 mph time is in 6 seconds (it’s assumed, but not clear, that this time is in XtraBoost mode).

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