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Specifications, dimensions


Spare tire

U.S. market

U.S. market LEAFs do not come with a spare tire. The driver is expected to use a (provided) air compressor with sealant to temporarily inflate a flat tire. In case of a more severe deflation, the driver is expected to tow the car (on a flat-bed, if it’s one of the rear tires), or provide their own spare tire.

Non-U.S. Market

Spare tire & jack options

Snow Tires



  • How to carry spare tire under hatch floor, inside aero panel, with lots of pics: cut and hinge a section of the aero panel; spare tire is bolted to under hatch floor with bolts through floor
  • Changing wheels/tires:
  • You can jack the LEAF up high enough (at the front jack point) to get both front and rear wheels off the ground at the same time, allowing rotating tires without needing a spare wheel.
  • The wheel nuts require a 21 mm socket. The LEAF’s wheel nuts are recessed into the wheel, so a short extension (maybe 3″) will keep the socket handle/ratchet from being too close to the wheel. A 13/16″ spark plug socket also fits and works well since it’s a deep socket.
  • The nuts are torqued to 80 ft-lbs (108 N-m, 11 kg-m) Nissan LEAF Service Manual, “E: Suspension”, “WR – Road Wheels & Tires”, page WT-45.

Aftermarket Fitments

Nissan Leaf 1st Generation 2010-2017

Nissan Leaf 2nd Generation 2018 –

17 inch wheels

Aftermarket rims and tires on 2018 Nissan Leaf S. 17 x 7.5 inch aluminum rims that save 2.5 pounds for each wheel. Tires are 225/45r17s that maintain same diameter for speedometer, but provide more contact area for increased traction. Owner says he sees a gain in range of 10 miles on his dash GOM.

Source: My Nissan Leaf Forum

2018 Nissan Leaf – upgraded from stock 16 inch steel rims with hub caps to a 17 inch wheel. Dimensions are 17×9 +42 with a 235/45 r17 tire. Since the wheels only came in a minimum 9 inch width, the tire width needed to be upgraded to 235 – and the increase in contact patch will likely increase rolling resistance and decrease range. The wheel and tire combo weighs 1.5 pounds more than the stock combination. Source

18 inch wheels

The problem with an 18 on this car is that your cant get it on there without major repercussions, they dont make an r18 tire that is thin enough to stay close to the same size as oem so it will throw off your speedo, also even the lightest 18’s will be heavier than stock. A nice lightweight 17 however will give you the best of both worlds. Wont throw off your gauges. Can be lighter than oem still which improves range. And you can still get a bit more meat under there to improve performance without worrys of rubbing while turning in up hill or speedbumps potholes whatever.

Updated on December 6, 2018

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