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Tesla Model S How to Create Lighted T

The Tesla Model S can be customized to create the T in front to light up. This can create a unique flair to any Tesla vehicle.

Materials and Tools

Lighted T and Arch
22 gauge red and black hook-up wire
Male spade connectors
Female quick disconnect terminals
Fork spade connectors
Posi-tap wire connector assortment
Turtle Wax T-529 Label & Sticker Remover
Wire stripper + crimping tool
Drill Bit, 3/16-Inch


V dimmer and remote strobe switch
Add-A-Fuse connector
5 amp fuse
1/8 watt 400ohm resistor and LED for remotely monitoring status of Lighted T when used with Oznium controller
Plastic pry tool


1. The first step of the process is to remove the Model S nose cone
2. Remove the factory Tesla T and Arch by sliding dental floss behind the emblems and using a back and forth sawing motion until the emblems are fully detached. Use adhesive remover to remove all glue residue from the back of the factory Tesla T and arch.
3. Drill 3/16” hole on top right side of indentation for the T and arch and feed the power and ground leads of the Tesla Model S Lighted T through these holes.
4. Remove the 3M adhesive on the back side of the Lighted T and arch. Press the pieces firmly into their respective indentations on the nose cone. Locate the red and black leads from the Lighted T and arch and strip about ¾’ from their ends. Then tightly twist together ends of red leads. Do the same with the black leads.
5. Crimp a male space connector on the ends of the black and red leads.
6. From the back of the nose cone, carefully tape the wires from the T and arch to the back of the nose cone away from the V part of the assembly. Secure the wires to a flat surface. Duct tape would work.
7. Remove the 3M adhesive on the front side of the Lighted T and arch. Take the factory chrome Tesla emblems and press them firmly on top of the Lighted T and arch.
8. Remove the driver’s side plastic front trunk liner using the Plastic pry tool.
9. Pick a power on/off option.
a.Power on/off with headlights
b.With daytime running lights on
c.Custom dimmer control with oznium dimmer controller


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Updated on October 12, 2018

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