Tesla Model 3 Floor mats

The stock floor mats in the Tesla Model 3 are nice in that they blend in with the interior. However, if you ever get into your EV with more than a bit of water on your shoes, the stock Tesla Model 3 floor mats just won’t cut it. They are a thin carpeted design that doesn’t hold spills or liquids, and they don’t cover all of the footwells.

Fortunately, there are more and more aftermarket options available.


Tuxmats have great coverage,with some plastic clips to hold them in place underneath the trim. They also have a locking piece to hold the middle in place on the carpet. Great coverage up the side of the footwell against the center console, and the Tuxmat has full coverage of the dead pedal as well. Underneath the pedals, it has a wear-resistant rubber piece to help the mats look great for a long time.

The rear section is a one-piece mat that fits nicely under the seats and around the tracks. It also reaches all the way up to the bottom of the seat.

Some reviewers have said the finish is too shiny to fit in the modern Model 3.

Tuxmat is available from Amazon for around $200 USD

3D MaxPider KAGU

3d also offers the floormats in carpeted versions for other vehicles, and it’s expected they will do the same for the Model 3 floor mats sometime in the near future. The Kagu style, however, are very easy to clean.

This has a large ‘3D’ logo, which can be removed fairly easily leaving 2 small holes in the floormat. The all-weather Model 3 floormats have also been reported to make velcro like noise when moving your feet around due to the backing on the mats.

The 3d MaxPider mats are reviewed as one of the best looking floor mats available for the Model 3.

MaxPider KAGU available from Amazon

ToughPro Rubber Floor Mats

These are the cheaper option, and they don’t have quite the same coverage – the edges don’t curl up and cover the sides of the footwell, or have the ability to hold large quantities of liquid.

However, they appear to be durable and they are made of thick rubber.

Available on Amazon for less than half the cost of the above options.

HexOmat All-weather Trunk Frunk Interior

Available here from EVTuning.com

TapTes Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

A newer addition to the list is a company called TapTes that provides only Tesla accessories.

Their floor mats are good for wet and winter weather as they have raised sides that hold lots of water.

Available here from TapTes

Reviews and Comparisons

This video covers the TUXMAT vs 3D MAXpider vs ToughPro all weather floormats

Updated on November 6, 2019

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