Removing forward underbody panel

:Nissan Leaf

  • Raise front of car, either by driving onto ramps or by jacking it up.
  • Unbolt seven 10mm bolts at the front and one 10mm bolt at the back.
    A cordless screwdriver really speeds up this step; you’ll need the appropriate adapter to out a socket on the screwdriver:
  • Remove six plastic anchor plugs: pry up the “head” of the plug and pull it out.
    Forward underbody panel, fasteners; note that the two forward, outside, bolts are shorter and do not have Phillips head:
  • On re-installation: note that the rearmost “lip” of the panel needs to tuck up above the body.
    Forward underbody panel

    Forward underbody panel, removed Interwiki: mnl++
  • Note that newer LEAF has an extra “honeycomb” piece between the bumper and the front cross member:

    Older LEAFs do not have the “honeycomb” piece:
  • Updated on October 12, 2018

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