Jacking up a LEAF

:Nissan Leaf

Jacking up

Safety first! Always chock, then jack, then block.

  • Chock the wheels to prevent LEAF from rolling.
  • The LEAF has four reinforced locations under the door sill at which you can jack the car up:

    The locations are marked by two round “notches” in the door sill:
  • The jack for a Toyota Camry or a Nissan Altima will work with the LEAF, as will the jack from an U.S. market mid-90s – ’05 Chevrolet Cavalier, or use a jacking block atop a hydraulic jack’s platform.
  • A hydraulic jack with a sufficiently large lifting range (18″) at the front jack point will lift the car high enough to get both front and rear wheels off the ground at the same time, speeding up tire rotation.
  • Block: after the car is lifted, put something under the sill (such as the spare tire from another car) to support the car in case it falls off the jack or jack stands.

Jacking car up to support on jack stands

To jack the car up and support in on jack stands:

  • Front: jack up under the middle of the subframe, at the back of the motor where the motor mounts are located:

    then put jack stands under the A arms.
  • Rear: jack up at the middle of the cross beam:

    then put jack stands under the outer ends of the beam or under the trailing arms.

Jacking block designs

  1. Here are schematics to make a “jack block” to fit between the LEAF’s door sill jack point and a hydraulic jack’s head:

    Download the Google SketchUp schematic here:
    Pics of a jack block:
  2. An alternate design: custom made jacking block by Nissan LEAF Forums’ harrier:
Updated on October 12, 2018

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