Chevrolet Bolt Key Fob Replacement

Chevy OEM Part for the replacement key fob costs:

  • Transmitter: $110
  • Key: $52

If both key fobs are lost

  • Programming Charge: $165, and process takes 1.5 hours

It’s likely the reprogramming procedure is the same as for the Volt, which is why it takes so long. It requires a half hour wait to program a new transmitter to keep anyone from walking up and programming their own FOB and stealing your car.

Source: Chevy Bolt Forum

If you still have one key fob

Use the alternate procedure listed in manual that reprograms the new key and the existing key to use new codes.

Make sure to get the new key cut, so that if you lose the last original key fob, you can reprogram with your newly created mechanical key.

If no key fobs are lost

To add additional Key Fobs, up to 8, when one isn’t lost, the procedure is listed on page 37 of the Chevy Bolt owners manual:

If two currently recognized
transmitters are not available, follow
this procedure to program up to
eight transmitters. This feature is
not available in Canada. This
procedure will take approximately
30 minutes to complete. The vehicle
must be off and all of the
transmitters to be programmed must
be with you.


Updated on October 17, 2018

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