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Warranties, Recalls, Service Bulletins, Etc.


  • Pages from the Nissan Security+Plus Vehicle Protection Plan Service Agreement:
    Nissan Ext Warr Security Plus cover.gif Nissan Ext Warr Security Plus inside cover.gif Nissan Ext Warr Security Plus pp 00-01.gif Nissan Ext Warr Security Plus pp 02-03.gif Nissan Ext Warr Security Plus pp 04-05.gif Nissan Ext Warr Security Plus pp 06-07.gif Nissan Ext Warr Security Plus pp 08-09.gif Nissan Ext Warr Security Plus pp 10-11.gif

The Nissan Leaf Security+Plus protection plans coverage varies from other Nissan models. As the Nissan Leaf already comes standard with various factory warranties. The Nissan Leaf Extended Warranty coverage is as follows on all Nissan Leaf's.

New Nissan LEAF Plans

  • Security+Plus Gold Preferred: Exclusionary coverage of approximately 900 components.
  • Security+Plus Silver Preferred: Listed component coverage of up to 600 items.

Pre-Owned Nissan LEAF Plans

  • Security+Plus Pre-Owned Preferred: Covers up to 650 components and available in terms up to 84 months from original in-service date or 100,000 miles on the odometer, whichever occurs first.
  • Security+Plus Pre-Owned Plus: Additive terms that cover up to 500 components, available in all current Pre-Owned Plus terms.

Nissan Leaf Recalls and TSB Information

Battery Warranty

Nissan Technical Service Bulletins

Service Recalls, Recalls

  • Feb 13, 2012 - Nissan emailed LEAF owners re. "CP P1273 LEAF Software Updates Voluntary Service Campaign":
    "Based on the production date of your LEAF vehicle, Nissan would like to offer a complimentary update of the vehicle software. Nissan has added an additional driver-convenience alert designed to notify the driver if their door is opened while the vehicle is still in the "ON" or "READY" mode, and the shift selector is not in "P."
    In addition, Nissan has improved both the accuracy of the charging-time estimate on the meter display and the distance-to-empty estimate when using a smartphone or other Internet device through CARWINGS™. The software update also includes various enhancements to, among other things, CARWINGS connectivity, information displays, HVAC operation, and diagnostic systems.