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Removing forward underbody panel

  • Raise front of car, either by driving onto ramps or by jacking it up.
  • Unbolt seven 10mm bolts at the front and one 10mm bolt at the back.
    A cordless screwdriver really speeds up this step; you'll need the appropriate adapter to out a socket on the screwdriver:
    BD driver w socket P8183735.jpg
  • Remove six plastic anchor plugs: pry up the "head" of the plug and pull it out.
    Forward underbody panel, fasteners; note that the two forward, outside, bolts are shorter and do not have Phillips head:
    Forward underbody panel fasteners IMG 0628.jpg
  • On re-installation: note that the rearmost "lip" of the panel needs to tuck up above the body.
    Forward underbody panel
    Forward underbody panel IMG 0625.jpg
    Forward underbody panel, removed
    Forward underbody panel removed IMG 0626.jpg