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  • Pics from nissannews.com:
    2011 nissan LEAF 01 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 03 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 04 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 05 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 06 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 07 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 08 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 09 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 10 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 11.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 12.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 13 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 14.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 15.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 16.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 17 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 18 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 19 thumb.jpg 2011 nissan LEAF 20 thumb.jpg

  • High-res pics:
    2010 Nissan Leaf EV 4.jpg 2010 Nissan Leaf EV 6.jpg Nissan-LEAF-06-lg.jpg Nissan leaf 1 10.jpg Nissan-leaf-21.jpg Nissan leaf cluster 10.jpg Nissan-leaf-electric-car.jpg Nissan-leaf-electric-vehicle-2010-17.jpeg Nissan-leaf-electric-vehicle.jpg Nissan-leaf-ev-06.jpg Nissan-leaf-ev-08.jpg Nissan-Leaf-EV-18.jpg Nissan-leaf hi 007.jpg

  • Rear seating:

Pics of tinted LEAFs


Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

  • 2012 Nissan LEAF Nismo.
    • "...around 10 percent more power than the standard car..."
    • "...weight reduction, ride and handling package..."
  • How much EMF (Electromagnetic Field) does the LEAF leak? Less than a Honda Accord and way less than a certain internal combustion engined car!
    The following EMF figures were measured with a Trifield® meter, and are in milliGauss:
    • Honda Accord:
      • At driver head and torso: between 1-5mG
      • At driver feet: slightly above 10mG
    • Leaf:
      • At driver head and torso: between 1-5mG, with no noticeable differences whilst accelerating
      • At driver feet: around 5-10mG, no noticeable differences whilst accelerating
      • In the back seat area: well below 3mG; seemed to jump up a little only when braking
      • In the back hatch area while charging - 100mG
    • Unnamed ICE car: 100mG+ everywhere in the car :)
Boot Ware (NK1):064
Application (NK2):064
Audio Unit Software:067
CAN uCOM Software:018
Front Display Software:018
BOLERO Software:00.05
Bluetooth Firmware:C230
Voice Recognition Engine:925-123-000
Voice Synthesis Engine:
Voice Recognition Grammar Version:00001080
Voice Synthesis Data Version:00003000
Record Data Version:00001026
Part Number:3NA0A
XM Satellite Radio Software:012
Switch Software:030000
TCU Software:3NA0000622
Map Version:10/08/12/01