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EVSE's (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)

General Info

The LEAF's OEM EVSE ("Trickle Charge Cable")

  • The Leaf has a 110/120V trickle charge cable ("OEM EVSE") that works with the onboard charging system [1]. Here is a pic of the OEM EVSE's label, showing the manufacturer as Panasonic, and a current draw of 12A.
  • The OEM EVSE's cable consists of 3 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) conductors and one 18 AWG conductor. As such, if used with an extension cord, the extension should also have at least 12 AWG conductors. Here is a close-up of the cable, showing the number and size of its conductors:
    Here is a table showing amperage rating ("ampacity") of wire sizes in AWG.

EVSE Manufacturers

General Information


EVSE/Charging Issues/Problems

  • Nissan Leaf FAQs, at nissanusa.com