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Body Appearance - Exterior


  • An extensive pictorial tour of the LEAF's underside: belly pans, motor and its mounts, electrical cabling, suspension and brakes, battery, parking brake, etc.
    Forward underbody panel:
    Forward underbody panel IMG 0625.jpg
    Forward underbody panel, removed:
    Forward underbody panel removed IMG 0626.jpg
    Forward underbody panel, fasteners:
    Forward underbody panel fasteners IMG 0628.jpg

  • The LEAF's doors and hood are aluminum, which fact is easily verifiable with a magnet. The roof, fenders and hatch are steel.


  • White LEAF with mesh grille, blacked out headlights, black "ground effect" pieces, black door handles, Recaro seats:
    Wh LEAF Recaro mesh grille P1.jpg Wh LEAF Recaro mesh grille P2.jpg Wh LEAF Recaro mesh grille P3.jpg Wh LEAF Recaro mesh grille P4.jpg

  • LEAF accessories on Nissan Japan Web site (translate with Google Translate:
    • LED-lit Nissan hood logo
    • Blue LED ring around foglights.
    • Body kits: front, side, and rear skirts
    • Mud flaps
    • Window shields
    • Locking charge port shield (encloses charge port when charge port cover is open)
    • Charge port light
    • etc.

  • Front and rear splash guards:
    P5013622.jpg P5013621.jpg

"Ground effects"

License plate

Window tint

Pics of LEAFs with tinted windows

  • 2011 LEAF SV, before and after, Formula One Llumar Ceramic PI30 (30%) tint:
    LEAF before tint IMAG0885.jpg
    LEAF after tint IMAG0886.jpg